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View and share estate-wide performance reports by period, fuel, and building to monitor and understand your estate’s energy consumption. The estate overview is great to get an overall picture, delving into individual building detail to assess energy efficiency performance.


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Easily communicate building performance to staff and stakeholders with our building snapshot, which highlights where energy waste is occurring and quantifies savings from actions taken.


At the most basic level, we track energy consumption over days, months and years.

You can track cost, energy consumption or COover buildings, building groups or estates using our online dashboards.


We offer monthly or weekly reports for estates and buildings, delivered to whichever member of staff is responsible for that building. 

These include:

  • Comparisons in consumption for all fuels used, compared to the same month last year
  • Progress on your carbon target for the building/estate
  • Your heating efficiency and weather compared to the same month the last year
  • Our unique butterfly progress bar – a quick and easy view of your performance in the year-to-date compared to the previous year

Half Hourly

We take your half-hourly AMR (automatic meter reading) energy data, to

  • Comparisons between different weeks
  • Consumption during peak hours
  • Consumption out of hours, to find an overnight baseline
  • Day time vs night time consumption

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Access Pilio’s industry-leading benchmarking.

  • Normalise energy consumption by weather conditions, allowing you to assess overspend or underspend and compare buildings around the country on a level playing field.
  • Access CIBSE national benchmarks for your specific type of building
  • Normalise energy consumption by floor area, people, rooms, seats or events


Our unique weather analysis allows you to normalise your data by weather conditions, giving you the ability to compare energy consumption on a level scale regardless of year on location.

The seamlessly integrated Weather Data API from over 70 UK weather stations enables accurate assessment of building heating efficiency across your estate. Heating & cooling degree days are calculated using hourly temperature records for a range of base temperatures.


Carbon Targets

Set your carbon budget by fuel type.

Track and forecast your progress towards meeting carbon reduction targets for your estate and quickly identify when buildings are off-track from meeting their target. Pilio software allows for an estate-wide carbon budget as well as the ability to separate targets for each building.