Custom software

Utilising our software and expertise, get the energy performance reporting to meet your or your customer’s requirements.
We have built custom software for Whitbread, Church of England, EBICO and more.

Customisation options

1. Benefit from our platform customised for your exact requirements

2. Integrate our APIs in your existing software

We can offer your staff colleagues or customers energy feedback to help them control energy costs whilst lowering their carbon footprint.

Whether it is a bespoke software solution, an adaption or plug-in to the software already provided, we can seamlessly integrate and meet with your expectations to deliver excellent energy management tools

Why Pilio software?

Having delivered building, estate and home energy management software to 1,000’s of commercial and domestic customers over 7 years, we like to think we’re at the forefront of matching the right energy intelligence to the right customers. Offering a service to harness our existing energy management platform, we can tailor energy analysis dependent upon yours or your end user’s requirements – from home owners, through all commercial building types to utility providers for in-house use and customer-facing energy management software.

Software benefits

1. Financial benefits

  • Improves customer retention, reducing churn by being seen to assist households control energy costs
  • Significantly reduces the cost of meter reading collection – route to collection, collation and organisation of meter readings
  • Increases opportunities for revenue by identifying opportunities for well-targeted additional products and services both in-house and to third parties
  • Budget certainty for delivery of customer facing software


2. Green benefits

  • Being widely acclaimed to support energy savings amongst customers in the market place to households considering new energy suppliers
  • Provides the opportunity to support customers keen to reduce their environmental impact
  • Provides the ability for easily quantifying customer carbon emissions


3. Customer benefits

  • Buildings loyalty with customers through offering transparency
  • Allows you to more closely monitor and understand your customers’ energy profile to design well-targeted products and services that will be well received


4. Technical benefits

  • Reduce risk of programme delays and software development utilising Pilio’s proven technology, no need to reinvent the wheel
  • Benefit from Pilio’s experience and investment in creating home energy feedback software
  • Software is programmed to be easily scalable as user numbers and activity increase

Custom energy reports

With Pilio’s custom automated energy related reports, you can choose what data is most important to you and the frequency of reporting that fits your business needs. Tailor your building energy reports to save you time getting the information you want and sharing it quickly and easily with colleagues so energy actions can be taken.  The reports will be emailed to you and invited colleagues.

Quickly and precisely understand where the most effective areas are to focus within your estate by using Pilio’s bespoke energy analysis service.

We bring your burning questions to the fore by marrying your business data (such as e.g. occupancy, room, event, meals, etc.) with energy data, so you can receive accurate and effective analysis. These reports are created especially for you and delivered to your inbox when you want them.

By complementing our energy analysis with bespoke energy reporting, we provide a comprehensive overview of the energy performance of your estate or an individual building.