Degree Days

Raw heating and cooling degree days, and temperature data API from UK and Worldwide weather stations.



Weather is a key driver of energy use. We can supply you with the necessary weather data to calculate the energy efficiency performance of your buildings, HVAC systems, and district heating network.

“Pilio’s temperature data has been a crucial component in our
district energy and biomass heating design work projects.”

– Chrissy Woodman. Company Director, Sustainable Energy Ltd.

Our Degree Day Data Service gives quick and convenient access to:

•  75 UK Weather Stations, plus Weather Stations worldwide (weather data from NOAA) (view map)
•  Heating and cooling degree days calculated from hourly temperature data
•  Daily, weekly, monthly and annual degree days
•  Degree days for a range of heating and cooling building base temperatures
•  20 year average heating degree days by Weather Station (for weather normalisation)
•  Hourly and daily temperature data

This dataset was created by Degree Days and Energy Analytics expert Dr. Russell Layberry. (link)

The service is ideal for:
•  Energy and Sustainability Consultants preparing building audits
•  Heating and Cooling Technology companies looking to specify the appropriate equipment for customers
•  District Heating projects
•  Urban Planning projects

This service is available as an annual or monthly subscription for individual Weather Stations or for all UK Stations. Worldwide data is available as a bespoke service.

The Degree Days Dataset is also integrated into our Building Energy Analytics software. (link)

1-10 UK Weather Stations: £5/month or £50/year (+ VAT)
>10 UK Weather Stations: Contact us for a quote below

Historic Data: £50 for each year
20-year Averages: £100/file

For international Degree Day Data or a specific combination of the above, please contact us below.

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