Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

ESOS is a mandatory energy assessment scheme for organisations in the UK, enforced by the UK Environment Agency. Organisations that qualify for ESOS must prove that they have attempted to identify cost-effective energy saving measures through an audit.

Pilio is in a strong position to deliver ESOS audits, with Co-Founder Dr Russell Layberry currently ESOS Coordinator for the association of Electrical Engineers.


As Pilio software has the ability to identify energy savings through its advanced weather analytics and comparison benchmarking, let it catapult you on your way to achieving the energy savings it can identify. Pilio software also allows for evaluation of impact of energy savings actions with easy to view and share reporting.

Utilising this platform and with our ESOS audits and services, Pilio Group will deliver your compliancy not only in a cost effective way, but in a viable and secure way to pave the way for continued monitoring.

ESOS requires the identification of energy saving opportunities and we will identify these for your organisation and cost out the savings in a report format enabling you to be informed decisions on implementation of the opportunities identified.

Larger organisations are required to carry out an energy audits across their company. As part of an integrated energy management software and auditing services, let us undertake your compliancy reporting to deliver a cost-effective solution with a view to providing lasting useful energy efficiency reporting for your estate.

Our platform will determine your significant energy use on each site. We will guide you through the ESOS compliant assessment options applicable for your significant energy use. Our Lead Assessor will undertake your energy audits and will map out areas for energy savings to be made.

Pilio software will make light work of your AMR / real-time / half-hourly data and provides energy consumption totals as well as league tables for efficiency across your buildings. You can read more about this on our half hourly energy analysis page

Our Service

Pilio Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme delivery can provide the following options

1. Site energy efficiency audits
Audits to be conducted by ESOS qualified assessor
Audits will comply with required ESOS standards and guidance
Exempt facilities will be identified (i.e. ISO 50001, DECs, Green Deal sites)
Agree communication and work arrangements for project delivery
Face-to-face project planning and progress meetings at your location

2. Data collection and review
Establish significant energy consumption as defined by ESOS
Compile total and per site and fuel consumption data
Assess which sites to audit based on energy consumption profile
Agree sites and schedule for site audit visits

3. Develop and present recommendations
Prepare energy efficiency recommendations from site audits
Set-out the return on investment for efficiency improvements
Present each audit’s findings, assessment and recommendations
Extrapolate audit findings to the whole estate
Present a summary of findings to enable the client to consider implementation requirements and budgets

4. Energy Efficiency Opportunities Report
Prepare a final audit using data from qualification date: 31st December 2014.
Prepare the report to scheme guidelines
Provide a full schedule of substantiating data
Arrange for this to be signed off by the Lead Auditor
Complete notification to scheme administrator