Half-Hourly Energy Data Analysis

With the Pilio software & expertise identify patterns, trends, waste and anomalies in your energy use.

Manual v Automated Energy Analysis

Manually analysing half-hourly energy datasets can become onerous and leads to only a small fraction of the potential of automatic energy metering systems being realised.

Energy managers using spreadsheets to examine half-hourly energy data will typically only be plotting one building at a time and usually only in reactive circumstances – e.g. a high energy bill has arrived.

Using software to automatically process half-hourly enables insights on a large volume of data to be quickly gleaned. And importantly – the risk of human error is removed. Automatic analysis frees up time from processing data to managing interventions that will improve building efficiency.

What can be done with half-hourly energy data?

  • Compare the daily shape of energy consumption (e.g. mornings, peak and evenings)
  • See energy demand when a building is closed (e.g. overnight and holidays)
  • Identify anomalies in energy consumption
  • Illustrate where savings have been made

3 Comparison of Daily 30-min Consumption

Above chart: In the Pilio energy analytics software you will immediately be able to compare daily consumption to spot patterns and anomalies.


Pilio software make your half-hourly energy data easily and quickly understandable, helping you spot patterns and opportunities for savings. By getting the bigger picture you can make your smart meter work harder and make a quicker return on your investment. This software service provides insights for where energy is being consumed, where it could be cut, and pinpointing when abnormally high consumption should be investigated.

Pilio half-hourly energy analysis and interpretation can:

  • Identify potential energy wastage (such as excessive out-of-hours demand)
  • Analyse trends: peaks, baseloads, weekdays vs weekend
  • Analyse trends in peak/base ratios, which can lead to targeted baseload reduction: a large causes of waste
  • Identify the most appropriate periods for ‘baseload’ or expected levels of consumption
  • Perform sub-meter energy analysis
  • Identify exceptions from half hourly energy data baseload


The hour-hourly data enables much more analysis than with weekly or monthly meter readings. Using your half hourly data, Pilio software and services can also:

  • Advise on potential performance and savings of planned energy saving interventions or new equipment.
  • Evaluate performance from energy saving campaigns or interventions.
  • Provide heating and cooling degree-day energy efficiency analysis (including performance charts, control charts and cu-sum).
  • Benchmark your estate by heating efficiency by building (kWh per m2).
  • Produce a league table of best to worst heating efficiency performance within your estate.

Night time vs day time
Above: Pilio software chart of a building’s overnight and daytime consumption for the last year.

Made easy for energy managers

Let Us Help You Answer Your Most Pertinent Questions

Pilio energy experts can prepare bespoke analysis reports for energy managers needing specific questions to be investigated.

As computational scientists we will quickly process your energy dataset whether it is a few or hundreds of meters across a year or multiple years to draw out key patterns and insights.

We can identify, for example, what difference an energy efficiency investment has made (e.g. LED lighting installation) or run comparisons on electricity profiles across sites to tell your where to prioritise energy saving efforts.

The Pilio team can run analysis on your raw energy data as a consultancy service rather than a software service. We will prepare you with a written report setting out the findings and we will make recommendations for achieving energy savings.