Enlist Pilio to bring innovation that meets the requirements of your customers. Benefit from our expertise in energy and environmental science; wide knowledge of energy monitoring and analytic technologies; and experience in designing customer development research to reveal what customers most want.


Work with us to bring innovation to market that will aid your customers:

You will be taken through a process that reduces the risk of failure and increases your chances of success, by de-risking the introduction of new technology and processes. We can work with your business to ensure the smooth adoption of products and services that will deliver efficiency and improved environmental benefits.

Our innovations unlock your data further with the development of new products and services. We work closely with our clients to co-create energy management solutions to your specific requirements.

Examples of our areas where we actively innovating:

  • Android phone for real-time energy and environmental monitoring
  • Multiple-regression energy analysis to examine key consumption drivers
  • Development of predictive algorithms to estimate energy consumption and savings
  • Calculating the savings benefits of new products
  • Off-On, a staff engagement programme to stop energy waste (Off-On)

Customer Development

Whether you supply services to customers or are responsible for your estate’s own buildings, we will support you through the innovation process:

  1. Who is your target recipient for a new energy management product/service?
  2. What is the challenge they have in managing energy use?
  3. What might be the solutions for addressing their challenge?
  4. Do they think the product/service you propose will solve this challenge?
  5. What priority and, budget do they want to give to solving this challenge?
  6. What resources will it take to create and deliver the product/service they want?
  7. Who could best supply the product/service?

Client Projects

Examples of our client projects include:

  • Church of England: national auditing of church energy use
  • Co-Heat: real-time electricity measurement of 25 social housing flats
  • Howbery Business Park: Monitoring heat pipes in a steam network boiler room with data uploaded for real-time display
  • Lloyds of London: real-time web-connected electricity monitoring via android phones of desktop computers
  • Total Gas & Power: customer development of energy management solutions for SME Businesses
  • Wembley Design Retail Outlet: developing energy alerts to staff in retail outlets
  • Whitbread: weather-energy efficiency monthly league table reporting for Premier Inn

Real-time meter monitoring

Android phones are being utilised to create a super simple plug-&-play low-cost means for energy managers to collect and view real-time electricity and gas consumption at the meter level.  There are two options for the data to be collected through the phone – a current clamp clipped around the live wire going into the meter or a resistor stuck over the pulse flashes on the meter. The energy data is saved to the SIM card and transmitted via 3G/4G or wifi where the results are displayed in our software. Our agile energy monitor makes it easily for people in buildings to quickly spot-check and be alerted to unusual or high energy consumption.

Thermal Infrared Imaging

We are developing techniques for using the FLIR iPhone Camera and APP to do thermal-imaging of building heat loss.  The FLIR iPhone Camera is light enough to go on a Quadcopter and is flown over buildings to capture infrared images of where heat loss is occupying. Multiple images are photographed and then stacked over each other to improve the resolution. Bringing together these technologies and techniques makes it possible for us to offer clients the ability to spot where heat loss is occurring through their building fabric (roof, windows, pipes etc.) as well as assess measures taken to improve insulation have been properly installed.

Multi-channel environmental data logging

Using multi-channel PIC breakout boards and Android phones we are monitoring temperature, humidity and light levels at an archaeological site at Gaziantep in Turkey as well as at Pompeii in Italy. Data is sent over the local phone network at 10 seconds intervals to our servers for analysis and display. To power the phone a car battery and solar panel is being used.

Monitoring A Meter Room

We are assisting fellow Climate-KIC company C0Heat with real-time energy monitoring of  25 electricity meters in the meter distribution room of social housing flats. The energy data is being send over the 3G network at 10 second intervals. CoHeat are using the data to assess the heating demand of the flats to design their solution for providing affordable warmth to social housing tenants.