Buildings account for almost half of global greenhouse gas emissions and with so many opportunities to save energy in buildings, there are lots of quick wins to reduce emissions.  Pilio aims to continually innovate tools and processes to best help businesses realise those savings, by bringing its expertise to building energy science, digital technology and behaviour change (individual and organisational).


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Butterfly Effect

We believe a small change has a big impact.

Scientific Integrity

As an outgrowth of the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford, our energy saving software, devices and programmes are rooted in a rigorous approach of applied science.

Human Intelligence

We bring a behavioural science perspective to how energy is used. We recognize that real energy savings occur when people are directly connected with their energy use and are motivated to make deliberate and tangible choices to save energy.

Systems approach

We apply systems thinking to energy waste, emphasizing context and connectedness. Meaningful energy saving requires drawing boundaries around a system and making sure that savings achieved in one area don’t pop up as energy increases elsewhere.


Our solutions are designed to be scalable and agile, equally serving a small business, a major corporation, a network of hundreds of organizations, and a community of households.


We are a test bed for energy saving solutions, adapting to changing technical, policy and social landscapes.  We bring a flexible, adaptive approach to meeting and supporting our clients where they are on the energy saving ladder, from energy novice to energy savvy.