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The opportunity for change maker

Innovation is a necessity in addressing the climate and ecological emergency. There is a surge of entrepreneurs rising to the challenge to develop the ideas, concepts, products, services and business models that have the potential to mitigate climate change and protect biodiversity. These entrepreneurs span all sectors of the economy from energy, buildings, transport, farming, food and fashion.


A partner for change makers

To ensure these solutions can achieve social and environmental benefits, it is important that they are able to evidence and demonstrate their sustainability impact. Pilio is part of this international ecosystem of entrepreneurs and lends its expertise to supporting these change makers in calculating their sustainability impact and advising them on how to retain their sustainability credentials as these new companies grow. 

Green Future Project Logo

Green Future Project is an Italy-based B-Corp certified strategic partner for companies, providing a comprehensive and integrated platform for their sustainability journey. They leverage technology to enable companies to monitor their environmental impacts and track progress on sustainability projects using data and satellite images. They offer comprehensive ESG strategic consulting, ensuring companies are able to transparently communicate environmental commitment to their communities and stakeholders. 

Our work with Eion

Eion is a US based company developing a solution for geo-sequestration of carbon. The process of using quarried rocks to sequester carbon from the atmosphere and bind it long term is proven chemistry. This solution has the potential to make a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere, but to be viable it is dependent on the carbon price being sufficiently high and the energy intensity of the rock processing not producing more greenhouse gases than are being sequestered. 

Eion Logo

Eion needed Pilio to independently audit the carbon cost of processing and dispersing the rocks. The carbon costs are far below 10% of the carbon sequestered. Taking account of the changes in mining and the use of renewable energy in rock processing and carbon used in the process becomes negligible. In the short term what is important is where the rock is mined and where it is transported — given the carbon emissions for freighting. 

Our work with E-GAP

E-GAP is an Italian car recharging company who uses mobile vans containing battery banks to offer fast (60 kW) charging to electric vehicles within certain defined geographies (Milan and Rome).  Users can book a car recharge through locations based app services. E-GAP fulfils a role in facilitating the move towards genuine green transportation.

E-Gap Logo

Range anxiety and the lack of fixed charge points slows the take-up of electric vehicles.  The infrastructure for the charge points for a 100% electric fleet is not currently sufficient and E-GAP has the potential to offer a mobile rather than fixed charging point — both lessening the need for extra infrastructure and providing that infrastructure on a needs directed basis. 

E-GAP came to Pilio to have an independent assessment of the carbon benefits of their electric vehicle recharging solution. Pilio is analysing the carbon impacts of the E-GAP charging infrastructure and comparing it with the conventional fixed charging station. This assessment will be used to support their business growth strategy. 

Are you an innovator or investor? 

We can provide you with independent assessment and advisory services to review the sustainability benefits and claims of innovations for environmental change. 

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