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Pilio Nature

Pilio Nature

Nature-Positive Software

Environmental assessments and customised targets across carbon, biodiversity, and water, track change over time.

The importance of sustainable land use and environmental stewardship has never been more crucial.

Pilio’s Nature Software can help measure our impact on the natural world. This innovative, groundbreaking tool is designed to empower users to take environmental accountability and action.

By allowing users to set personalised targets and measure against their performance indicators, this bespoke cutting-edge software can be tailored to meet your sustainable land use aims and encourage a proactive approach to addressing environmental challenges.

With its ability to assess a range of ecological areas across biodiversity, habitat quality, soil health, and water, Pilio Nature Software serves as a comprehensive data aggregator, providing users with easy access to vital information necessary for having a holistic view of the state of the environment and managing sustainability projects effectively.

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Measure and monitor
biodiversity, habitat, soil health, and more



Record a percentage of land occupied by different habitat types and set targets for creating a diverse habitat mosaic.

Includes data on habitat types and categories present on the land, sets goals for creating a varied habitat mapping and monitors land conditions to ensure compliance with set targets.



Track species diversity including indicator species like essential pollinators butterflies and bees, flowering plants, and bats – giving an indication of the overall health of biodiversity on the land.

Establishing a baseline is crucial, recording the species' presence or abundance, provides a snapshot and allows for monitoring of improvement over time.

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Soil Health

Soil health, from soil sampling and analysis, is an essential component of sustainable and regenerative farming systems. Pilio Nature utilises soil health data across laboratory and in-field testing.

Empowering informed decisions to optimise soil health, understanding the current state of soil health, and where there is the opportunity for improvement.

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Pilio Nature Software
Data Inputs
  • Farming practices: Including use of inputs, types of crops and livestock, land management

  • Habitat types and conditions 

  • Species surveys 

  • Soil health 

  • Scheme involvement

  • Water quality and use 

Tool Outputs
  • Net carbon emission (kg)

  • State of Conservation (%)

  • Soil health (%)

  • Ecological focus areas (km2 %)

  • Sustainable practices (%) 

  • Biodiversity units/ha (%)

  • Tree coverage / hedgerow

  • Habitat units (%)

  • Space for nature %

  • Water useage

  • Total farm sequestration 

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Set Nature Targets

Establish, oversee, and administer your voluntary nature targets efficiently with Pilio Nature software. Organise data systematically, facilitating easy access for reporting in case you need to share your nature targets with other organisations. There is a growing demand for this practice, especially in industries such as food and fashion, and it contributes to showcasing your green credentials for corporate social responsibility.

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Increase Biodiversity 

Nature Snapshot_edited.jpg

Setting higher biodiversity targets is crucial for conserving ecosystem services and preserving genetic diversity, enhancing resilience to environmental changes, and supporting food security and livelihoods. Pilio Nature software facilitates setting and tracking biodiversity goals, reflecting our ethical duty to safeguard the richness of life for its intrinsic value and the enjoyment of future generations.

Increase Soil Health

Healthier soil is crucial for sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation. Increasing soil health is vital for enhanced crop productivity, environmental sustainability resilience to climate change and reduced soil erosion. 

Improving soil health can also lead to reduced input costs for farmers, such as fertilisers and pesticides, as healthier soils require fewer chemical inputs. Pilio Nature allows you to track progress and targets for soil health.

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Environmental Projects

Monitor your involvement in environmental initiatives and programs like Environmental Land Management (ELM) and Biodiversity Net Gain (BDN). Establish goals and systematically monitor the percentage of land engaged in these efforts, including voluntary environmental projects.

Easily track the % of land participating and land within those schemes in voluntary environmental projects.

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Sustainable Farming Practices  

Ensure a comprehensive inventory of sustainable practices while establishing targets for sustainable farming methodologies. Pilio software will compile an aggregated registry encompassing farming approaches, including regenerative farming, agroecology, and certified practices like organic farming or hybrids. It will document the integration of ecological principles into agricultural systems. Pilio Nature will offer a concise overview of methodologies and track progress towards set targets.

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Reduce Carbon Footprint

Pilio Nature software facilitates the monitoring and tracking of progress against set targets by providing a platform for managing environmental data related to on-farm habitats and carbon sequestration.

Users can input a range of data related to on-farm habitats and carbon sequestration activities, including details such as the types and extent of habitats present (e.g., woodlands, wetlands, grasslands) and any management practices undertaken to bolster carbon sequestration (e.g., reforestation, cover cropping).

The software provides monitoring tools to track changes in carbon sequestration levels over time and enables users to compare current carbon sequestration levels against baseline data and target goals. This allows for the evaluation of progress towards reducing net carbon emissions and meeting sustainability objectives.

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Biodiversity Gap Analysis Consultancy Service 

While you may have conducted ecological assessments and surveys to evaluate the state of nature on your land, the diverse methodologies, data storage practices, collection frequency, and involvement of various consultants and funders can lead to a fragmented approach. This often results in a lack of coherence in developing a nature strategy aligned with the goals of the farm and its farming system. Pilio consultants can conduct a biodiversity gap analysis allowing for a more streamlined approach to monitoring and evaluating the state of nature on farmland, facilitating a more cohesive and effective strategy moving forward.

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Ecological Assessment

Pilio Nature software serves as a pivotal facilitator for gathering essential data crucial for conducting an ecological assessment. As assessment entails a thorough examination of the ecological dynamics and biodiversity, ranging from habitats to entire ecosystem, Pilio Nature is the ideal tool to support ecological assessment. Typically undertaken before or during projects, or conservation initiatives to inform decision-making processes, Pilio Nature will streamline your assessments.

"Pilio's comprehensive carbon footprint tool and approach has given us a scientifically robust approach to measure our full carbon emissions, set our trajectory to net zero, and design a department carbon scheme that will drive our organisational decision-making to meet our commitment to the climate emergency by 2027."


Roy Cox

Estate Director, Blenheim Palace

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Ecological Assessment Consultancy Service 

Pilio's consultants specialise in conducting land ecological assessments, starting with a consultation to grasp your priorities as the landowner or tenant. Our process involves tailoring the assessment to align with your specific objectives and concerns.

We provide a comprehensive range of reports and presentations, presenting key findings derived from our thorough assessment. These insights are designed to empower you with a deeper understanding of the ecological dynamics of your farm.

We offer guidance on suggested next steps for long-term monitoring and evaluation, ensuring that you have a roadmap for ongoing management and improvement of ecological health on your farm. Our aim is to support you in making informed decisions that promote sustainability and productivity while preserving the natural environment.

Making space for nature

Pilio Nature captures key metrics and biodiversity indicators to help you make the most informed decisions for sustainable land use.

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Nature Snapshot_edited.jpg
Nature Snapshot_edited.jpg
Nature Collaboration


Customise accounts for users (guest to full access).

Nature Data


An automated, flexible way to organise and process data.

Nature Comparison.png


Compare impact and carbon across land and supply chains.

Nature Tracking.png


Track environmental progress and net carbon emissions.

Bespoke Ecological Assessment Software

Talk to us if you need bespoke software that will allow complete an ecological assessment of land from a field to a farm to a landscape scale.

Pilio software can record your ecological context for easy carbon and nature reporting.


Pilio consultants can add context and interpretation as an additional service.  

Green Farm

Turn insights into action

Combine Pilio Nature software with our expert advisory services to achieve your net zero targets.

Pilio Nature Software

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