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Energy Health Assessment


Crucial for assessing your energy management areas to focus

Assess your energy management across various key categories such as strategy, planning, responsibility, communications, intelligence, and investment.

In just 15 minutes, visualise your areas of strengths and weaknesses in managing resources to provide valuable insights on your next steps. 

Identify more impactful energy management practices and areas for additional resources and focus. 

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Energy Insight Focus Areas

Assess your energy policy and strategy effectiveness in these 6 key areas:


Scope of the policy and explicit energy reduction objective.

This information can inform recommendations for improving energy management practices and aligning with broader sustainability objectives.


Integration of sustainability in team and communication of energy performance to staff.

Identify areas for improvement and ensure that energy management efforts are aligned with organisational objectives and effectively implemented throughout the organisation.


Development and considerations of an energy action plan.

This information can inform recommendations for enhancing their energy policy and practices to achieve greater efficiency and sustainability.

Energy Intelligence

Frequency, quality and analysis of energy data and energy spend, plus process and assessment.

This information helps identify areas for improvement and informs strategies to enhance energy management effectiveness and achieve sustainability objectives.


Designated responsibility for energy management and reporting structure to senior management.

Identify areas for improvement and ensure that energy management practices are effectively implemented and monitored within the organisation.


Allocation of energy spend, approach to and alignment of capital investment, and reinvestment.

Assess the effectiveness of the organisation's energy policy and identify opportunities for improvement in energy management practices.


Ask the team

Complete the assessment, analyse your results and ask us anything - without obligation.

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