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In the summer of 2019, the UK government declared a Climate Emergency
and set the target to be net zero carbon by 2050 thereby raising the ambition of
the Climate Change Act. The UK is the host of the next international climate talks
and will hold the chair of the G7 in 2021. 

UK businesses appreciate their energy use to power the British economy results in a signification contribution to the nation's carbon footprint.  

With bold vision matched with action there are incredible opportunities for the UK public and private sector’s to collaborate and demonstrate what a just transition to

net carbon zero economy.

A growing number of businesses are themselves declaring a climate emergency and committing to play their part in meeting net carbon zero.

A fifth of the UK's total carbon footprint is from energy use in non-domestic,

and therefore for business to achieve their net carbon zero goals they must
reduce energy consumption and source renewable energy.


For businesses to do this they need to have a good energy management strategy in place.

In doing so businesses, on average, can achieve cost savings of 30%.

For us good energy management is embedding six core principles:
policy, planning, responsibility, communication, intelligence and investment. 


Create ambitious sustainability policies for energy management


Engage your staff and customers in energy management


Translate your sustainability policy into an effective action plan


Take control of your energy data through our software


Build energy management capacity in your staff


Identify energy saving investments for your business

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