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Pilio is about much more than energy. With expertise in data analytics and experience developing software and hardware, we help businesses with air quality monitoring, carbon accounting and nature-based solutions.


Pilio worked on a project for Oxford City Council on the measurement and validation of a range of cheap air quality sensors for monitoring city air pollution with high spatial resolution.  The sensors were compared against the validated UK air pollution sensor network.  


The project continued with an analysis of indoor pollution levels due to cooking and

the effect of natural and enhanced ventilation of particulate levels in living and bedrooms.


Pilio supports organisations measure their carbon impacts across their operations and value chain. We are working with a number of companies to identify, measure and report the carbon emissions they have indirect influence (i.e. Scope 3 carbon emissions), such as those emissions embodied in goods & services procurement, travel, food and materials. Through assessing these impacts we then work with the company to set priorities and an action plan to reduce those impacts. 

In addition, we are lending our expertise to support carbon measurement innovation in the farming sector.  We reviewed and advised the methodology and calculations used in Farm Carbon Toolkit.



 Innovate UK, Knowledge Transfer Network and British Fashion Council organised two Global Expert Missions on which our CEO Catherine Bottrill one of the expert delegates.  The first to New York in November 2019 and the second to Paris in February 2020. The purpose of the missions was to learn about international practices, policies and innovation in these global fashion hubs to explore opportunities for collaboration and exchange to address the environmental sustainability challenges in the fashion industry. Innovate UK will be using the learnings of the missions to inform the development of a research and innovation programme for advancing sustainability fashion. Catherine prepared the reports drawing together the insights and recommendations from the Mission. 


Download Report: Sustainable Innovation in Fashion 2020 Global Expert Mission to the USA 

Also see British Fashion Council and DHL's Fashion and Environment Report (2019) 
Authored by Julie's Bicycle (Project Led: Catherine Bottrill) and Centre for Sustainable Fashion.
Download Report Here.
Image credit: Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash