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Pakistan Field Research Programme

Pilio and HIMA^Verte co-convene the Pakistan Field Research Programme (Pak FRP). Each year this programme gives two masters scholars from the University of Oxford's School of Geography the opportunity to undertake their summer thesis projects in Pakistan with WWF Pakistan as their host institution. The Pak FRP provides valuable applied learning for scholars and practitioners on sustainability pathways. 

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Objectives for students

  • Undertake guided research to fulfill their MSc degree requirement whilst addressing real life environmental questions in a developing country.

  • To apply research to fields where there is a felt need and feedback findings into national policy and applied development discussions.

  • Be mentored by world class Pakistani institutions doing conservation and development work.

  • Be introduced to Pakistan, its diverse ecosystems, peoples and institutions and contribute to gaps in research on nature based solutions.

Emil Beddari at WWF Multan office.jpg

Pak FRP in 2021

The two University of Oxford School of Geography scholars in 2021 were:


Adnan Zikri Jaafar, a Rhode Scholar who earned his MSc in Environmental Change and Management.  Adnan investigated and compared meanings of sustainable cotton certification between brands, certifying bodies, and farmers.


Emil Beddari, earning his MSc in Nature, Society & Environmental Governance. Emil studied the role of the farmer as an innovator in contributing to the transition to sustainable cotton practices.

Pak FRP in 2022

In 2022, Pilio and HIMA^Verte is offering the opportunity for two new scholars to undertake the programme and be involved in the following two projects: 


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Learn more

Are you undertaking research or a field project with an interest in nature based solutions for working lands? Contact us for more information.

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