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Our partnerships

Pilio works in partnership with the following organisations:

Better Cotton Logo
Better Cotton

A global non-profit promoting better standards in cotton farming a practices. Pilio is in the first year of a knowledge partnership with Better Cotton to explore biodiversity opportunities in Pakistan.

Green Future Project Logo

A strategic partner for companies leveraging technology to monitor energy consumption and CO2e emissions, implement carbon offsetting solutions, and support environmental projects through subscriptions. Pilio and Green Future Project are partnered to offer clients end-to-end sustainability solutions.

SAMA^Verte Logo

A social enterprise investing and consulting firm operating from Pakistan. SAMA^Verte is Pilio’s partner on its Pakistan Field Research Programme and Village Insetting. 

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Our Support

Pilio is supported by the following organisations:

Innovate UK

The UK’s government funding body for innovative products and services across all sectors. Innovate UK has funded a number of the Pilio team’s research and development projects to advance our climate and nature solutions. 

Oxford University Innovation Logo
Oxford University Innovation

Oxford’s incubator and accelerator for innovative and fast growing businesses across the UK. Pilio spun out of research at Oxford Innovation in 2011.

Sustainable Ventures Logo
Sustainable Ventures

Sustainable Ventures has invested and empowered over 500 sustainable start-ups in order to achieve a net zero carbon future. Pilio is a member of the Sustainable Ventures community and workspaces at County Hall, London.

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Our memberships

Pilio is a member of the following organisations:

Pasture for Life Logo
Pasture For Life (PFA)

Pasture-Fed Livestock Association (PFLA) is a UK organisation which supports meat production from animals fed exclusively on pasture. This creates benefits for animal health and meat quality, and increases sustainability in the livestock farming process. PFLA has developed a set of Certification Standards which outline and define pasture fed farming. PFLA’s membership includes farmers as well as butchers, retailers, and consumers. PFLA is one of Pilio’s partners on the DEFRA Test & Trials Landscape Recovery Scheme project. 

Textile Exchange Logo
Textile Exchange

Textile Exchange is a global non-profit focused on sustainable fibres and materials. They conduct vital data collection and produce insights that enable fashion brands and retailers to make informed decisions for their supply chains. Home to a suite of standards for best practices in fibre and material farming and production, members include fashion brands, retailers and suppliers. Pilio was an exhibitor at their Textile Sustainability Conference in 2021 and participated in the Sustainable Cotton and Wool roundtables.

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