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Scope 3 Carbon Audit

Do you have a net zero commitment which includes emissions from your company’s supply
chain but are unsure how to measure and address these impacts? A scope 3 audit will help.

What is a Scope 3 Audit? 

A report which presents your company’s Scope 3 emissions and identifies opportunities to
reduce your carbon footprint. Scope 3 refers to indirect greenhouse gas emissions from diverse
sources such as procurement of goods and services, business travel, staff commute, home
working, and treatment of waste.

The benefits of a Scope 3 audit include:

  • Identifying opportunities to improve sourcing decisions

  • Increased transparency in your supply chain

  • Helping build partnerships and influence environmental improvement with suppliers

What is involved in a Scope 3 Audit? 


  • Our sustainability specialist will scope with you the available data that can be used for analysis

  • We will use expenditure, quantity, or weight data to calculate the emissions from your procured goods and services


What will you get from working with Pilio? 

  • A report and presentation to share with key decision-makers

  • Suggested next steps for reducing impacts in your supply chain

  • Guidance and resources for engaging with your suppliers on sustainability

  • Access to Pilio’s supply chain software tools for ongoing measurement and

management of procurement environmental impacts

Pilio has performed Scope 3 audits for businesses including YMCA, Lush, and Arts Council

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Work with us

Ready to begin your sustainability journey with Pilio? Learn more about our net zero and nature tools and packages.

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