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The opportunity for companies

Retail companies with an ethical proposition are some of the fastest growing companies as consumers increasingly use their purchasing power to support brands that align with their values. Retail has influence over the supply chain for incentivising environmental practices.


For retail to exercise their agency in addressing sustainability challenges requires them to develop a critical path involving setting commitments, gaining understanding, and implementing improvements.

Lush Logo

"Lush Cosmetics is working with Pilio to develop a global energy monitoring platform for us to manage and report across 900+ sites. The Pilio dashboards make it visual and easy to understand where our biggest energy impacts are, and working with the Pilio team we are able to identify sites where we can achieve energy savings or minimise wastage. Pilio will play an integral part in our long-term emissions reporting, enabling consistency across the globe."

Jack Gale, Energy manager at Lush

Jack Gale

Energy Manager, Lush


Our work with Lush

Lush is a world leading ethical cosmetics company headquartered in the UK with over 900 locations globally. For over 25 years, Lush has been creating quality fresh products using organic, cruelty-free, low-waste ingredients. The company works to drive systemic change through their sustainability, ethical work environment, and product donations to charity. ​

Leaving the world lusher than we found it

To support Lush's commitment in "leaving the world lusher than we found it," Pilio has:

  • Created a global energy and carbon reporting platform for their retail, offices, and manufacturing sites

  • Prepared the evidence pack for ESOS compliance

  • Calculated the land and biodiversity impact of their ingredient sourcing to give insights on where to prioritise supply chain biodiversity action

  • Supported development thinking in adopting nature-based solution initiatives 

Getting started

Pilio will work with you to develop your critical path with clear milestones to reach net zero. We take an evidence-based approach to reveal hotspots and opportunities for action.


Our system consolidates your data and generates key performance reports against your milestones to net zero. We will design and support the implementation of cost-effective climate actions for your organisation, giving you integrity with your customers on your net zero journey. 

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Develop a critical path

In consultation with you we review current initiatives and practices, identify priorities and ambitions, and design your sustainability approach to align with your overall business plans.

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Gain headline insights

Our energy and carbon management software tools provides you with a dashboard with your headline energy and carbon results so you can be alerted to any cost saving opportunities and ensure you are on track to meet targets.

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Achieve cost savings & climate targets

We will provide critical support to key members of staff in implementation, help you demonstrate your commitment to good practices to your customers, and create lasting energy programmes. 

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