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Sustainable Workspaces

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Take our free energy scorecard to quickly assess how your business is doing to realise its energy saving potential.

creating financial, time and environmental savings across 6 core areas: 

holistic energy management for business








our clients

We work with a broad range of businesses from small to large across the arts, charity, education, heritage, hospitality, local authority, retail and service sectors.

about us

"Papilio," the Latin name for butterfly, embodies the process of metamorphosis. Pilio is an energy innovation company borne from University of Oxford cutting-edge research. We create energy and sustainability management tools and services to help businesses transition to a sustainable pathway. 

impact package

Provides you with complete intelligence and assistance in developing your business energy saving strategy, including: policy, planning, responsibility, communication, intelligence and investment.

performance package

Provides you with energy performance analysis, exception alerts and energy saving reports based on processing half-hourly data across your portfolio.

Provides you with the ability to record, monitor and report energy savings from manual data collection.

starter package

what's your energy

saving score?