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Providing software and science-based consultancy for energy & carbon reporting and sustainability strategy.

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Begin with measuring & management

Pilio Energy Software & Consultancy

Pilio Energy

Save energy across your building portfolio

Save money, reduce environmental impacts, and report achievements in energy management across your buildings.

Pilio Carbon Software & Consultancy

Pilio Carbon

 Reduce your carbon footprint to reach net zero

Demonstrate transparency and accountability by setting targets and working towards your net zero goals.

Add interpretation, validation and support services

Energy & Carbon Reporting

Energy & Carbon Reporting

Consultancy to delve into your energy use and carbon impact.

Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability Strategy

Integrate environmental, social, and economic sustainability principles. 

Additional consultancy services to enhance your energy and carbon monitoring and management reporting with our software. Our consultancy services will help you maximise your energy efficiency, reduce your carbon emissions and deliver a sustainability strategy to reach net zero.

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Energy & Carbon Sustainability Expertise

Founded by Oxford University scientists, for over 10 years we've been working with clients to bring to life their sustainability goals.

Pilio is a company that specialises in offering practical solutions, based on scientific research, to address issues related to climate and nature from an energy and carbon perspective. Our team has experience in understanding carbon emissions, managing energy, providing training, and creating strategies for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices and sustainability.

We collaborate with organisations in various sectors such as culture, public services, local government, retail, education, agriculture, and innovation. Our projects can vary from specific assessments to long-term partnerships.

By applying our scientific knowledge and past experiences, we assist our clients in focusing their efforts on addressing climate and nature challenges. We help them identify opportunities that can have a lasting positive impact.


Contact us today to tailor a software and consultancy combination to meet your objectives
Wind Turbines
What is Net Zero? 

Scientists are in agreement that we need to keep global warming below 1.5°C by 2050 to avoid irreversible climate change. To achieve this we need to build a fossil fuel-free and net zero emissions economy.


A business achieves net zero when it decarbonises its operations by avoiding emissions, reducing energy use, replacing fossil fuels with renewables, and only using offsets for the unavoidable emissions that remain.


The UK has committed to reaching net zero by 2050. The decisions your business makes today matter because they will determine whether we meet this goal. Rather than feeling daunted, this is an exciting opportunity to work within your company and with your customers. 

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Supporting organisations and innovation on the path towards net zero

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"Pilio's comprehensive carbon footprint tool and approach has given us a scientifically robust approach to measure our full carbon emissions, set our trajectory to net zero, and design a department carbon scheme that will drive our organisational decision-making to meet our commitment to the climate emergency by 2027."

Roy Cox, Estate Director of Blenheim Palace

Roy Cox

Estate Director, Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace grounds


Contact Pilio today to learn how we can support your journey to net zero 

Catherine Bottrill and Dr. Russell Layberry have been working together to support businesses in the clean energy transition for 20 years. 

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