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The challenge for professional services

A growing number of businesses are stating their commitment to the climate emergency and to achieving net zero. Part of these efforts involves working with professional services that are aligned with their commitment to climate action. As office based organisations, it is relatively straightforward for professional service companies to adopt good environmental practices and therefore there is an opportunity for this sector to transition to a carbon neutral business model. 


Demonstrating climate action

For professional services to demonstrate to their clients their value alignment on sustainability, they will need to demonstrate that they have their own house in order through setting commitments, meeting environmental reporting standards, measuring their carbon footprint, and implementing a climate action plan.


Our work with XPS

XPS is the largest consultancy in the UK dedicated to pensions, advising on more than 1,500 pension schemes. In an effort to reduce their environmental impact, XPS has become carbon neutral across their value chain through purchasing carbon offsets. The company leverages its position to encourage clients to value sustainability in their investments and activities.​

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To support XPS in their environmental aims Pilio has:

  • Prepared their SECR (Streamlined Energy and Carbon Report)

  • Energy monitoring of their offices

  • Carbon footprinting their business operations including Scope 3

Getting started

 We will help you to become a net zero company which will give you an advantage with clients who are increasingly looking to source services from suppliers that are also committed to net zero.

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Meet compliance

In consultation with you we will identify and ensure that you meet mandated compliance, e.g. SECR, ESOS, and voluntary standards of interest, e.g. PAS 2060 Carbon Neutrality, ISO 50001, and ISO 14001.

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Gain headline insights

Our energy management software tools will monitor and interpret your data, providing insights on usage and identifying key opportunities for long lasting energy savings.

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Create an environmental policy

We will design your environmental policy and action plan to demonstrate and align to your net zero goals. 

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