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Carbon footprint audit

Your company wants to do its part for climate action but doesn't know how its business operations are contributing to the climate crisis nor where to take the most meaningful action. A carbon footprint audit will help you get these answers.

What is a carbon footprint audit?

A report which identifies your organisation's carbon emission footprint across your operations.


The benefits of a carbon footprint audit include:​

  • Understand your climate impact 

  • Identify the opportunities for the greatest reduction

  • Meet compliance 

What is involved in a carbon audit?

We will identify your emissions boundaries for what is in your control and within your sphere of influence.

We will measure your emissions by Scope:

  • Scope 1: Direct energy emissions

  • Scope 2: Indirect energy emissions

  • Scope 3: Indirect non-energy emissions (i.e. goods and services)

What will you get from working with Pilio?

  • A report and presentation to share with key decision-makers 

  • Recommendations for reducing carbon emissions and developing a net zero roadmap

  • Suggested next steps for reducing carbon emissions

  • A license to Pilio's carbon footprint tool for ongoing measurement and management 

Pilio has calculated hundreds of carbon footprint audits for organisations including Ahluwalia, Blenheim Palace, Hampshire Cultural Trust, Lush, PYE Homes, the Tate, and YMCA. 

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