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The opportunity for fashion

Fashion intersects with each of the Sustainable Development Goals, both in terms of its impact and responsibility to be part of the solution for social and environmental justice. A growing number of fashion brands are rising to the challenge of demonstrating fashion's power as a positive cultural change maker.

Commitment, understanding, and improvement are required for fashion brands and their associated global supply chains in order to explore and exercise their agency in addressing sustainability challenges. 


Launched in 2018, Ahluwalia is a British fashion label inspired by founder Priya Ahluwalia's dual Indian and Nigerian heritage. Sustainability is in the DNA of the brand and this is demonstrated through the design, the materials, and the practices. Priya Ahluwalia was recognised for her contribution to fashion with the 2021 British Fashion Award's Leader of Change for Environment.

Scaling recycled textiles

Ahluwalia's ambition is to scale the use of textiles waste into new fashion garments, creating a circular and socially just fashion model.


To support them in meeting this vision Pilio has:

  • Helped develop the environmental strategy and policy

  • Calculated the environmental impacts of the collections

  • Researched the sustainable fashion space

  • Supported sustainability skills development of the team 

  • Secured innovation funding to support business growth 

  • Advanced the brand's business development for sourcing recycled textiles

Getting started

To avoid accusations of greenwashing when engaging with sustainability topics it is important to take a science approach. Pilio will provide you with easy to use tools that give you the integrity and assurance to engage with your customers and supply chain in your efforts to reduce your environmental impacts.

Carbon Footprint_Round.png

Understand your impacts

We will conduct an audit of your environmental impacts, including calculating your carbon footprint. 


Create an environmental policy

We will help you write an ambitions policy and action plan for energy and environmental management.

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Green your procurement

We will advise you on how to green your supply chain by setting procurement criteria and checklists and toolkits on how to engage with your suppliers.

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