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Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)

Does your company want to know the carbon impacts associated with its goods and services from origin to end of life so it can meet its climate commitments? An LCA will provide insights on how processes can be improved or reconfigured to minimise climate impacts.

What is an LCA?

A method of determining the impact of a product or service by calculating the carbon emissions of its complete life cycle from production to disposal.


The benefits of an LCA include:

  • Credibility for your sustainability claims 

  • Identify opportunities to reduce the environmental impacts of your product or service

What is involved in an LCA?

An LCA looks at carbon emissions from all life stages of a product or service including:

  • Raw materials

  • Production and manufacturing

  • Transport 

  • Use 

  • End of life 

What will you get from working with Pilio?

  • We will help you define the emission boundaries for your product or service as well as follow good practice methodologies for calculating emissions based on best available data and reasonable assumptions​

  • A report with the results and methodology 

  • A dynamic work book to enable you to update inputs and calculate results


Pilio has calculated a number of LCAs for clients including for carbon sequestration technology (Eion), electronic devices (Focusrite), and art installations (Olafur Eliasson). 


Pilio also audits others’ carbon calculations and software — for example, the Farm Carbon Toolkit calculator and various pre-launch products and services.

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