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SECR compliance

What is SECR?

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) requires companies to report information on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in their Directors’ Reports. SECR requires you report Scope 1 and 2 emissions and encourages Scope 3 reporting. 

Is your company required to comply with SECR?

Your company is required to comply with SECR if it is a quoted company as defined by the Companies Act 2006.

What is involved in SECR?

The guidelines demand carbon emissions accounting from buildings, fuel and electricity and for a performance indicator of carbon intensity, i.e. kg CO2e per £ revenue or kg CO2e per employee.

What is the compliance period for SECR?

Your company has to undertake SECR annually. 

What will you get from working with Pilio?

We demystify what can be a slightly painful additional bureaucratic overhead and help you create the processes to make ongoing data collection easy.  We help you use your SECR to leverage your climate commitments.

Pilio is experienced in delivering SECR for many different types of companies, including ACO Technologies, dotdigital, XPS, and YMCA. 

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