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Announcing our partnership with Green Future Project

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

An important strategic alliance has been signed between Pilio, a company established by researchers from the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford and Green Future Project, the Italian climate tech that uses a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform to offer companies solutions for the decarbonisation processes.

The partnership involves Green Future Project's integration of software from Pilio and comes as European institutions increasingly require companies to be CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) compliant by 2024. It was created to offer a single point of contact for carrying out reporting and compensation activities.

Pilio's carbon footprint and energy management software has been integrated into the

Green Future Project platform.

"Climate and biodiversity protection requires collaboration. We are excited about this partnership with Green Future Project, which shares our goal of providing tangible, scientifically robust, data-driven solutions to businesses." - Catherine Bottrill, founder and CEO of Pilio.

The proper monitoring and governance of corporate energy consumption often remains completely disconnected from the real impact on the environment, especially in the organizational environment, reducing the issue to a mere economic comparison between multiple providers.

The starting point in the net zero path proposed by the two entities is a free energy health check, an energy management assessment tool that can provide recommendations on key areas of interest related to energy management, such as strategy, planning, communication, energy intelligence and investment.

The approach proposed by Green Future Project together with Pilio aims precisely to go beyond simple energy monitoring, offering a single 360-degree solution: The new integration will enable companies to accurately calculate their emissions (Scope 1,2,3), monitor energy consumption in real time, and develop strategies to improve energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint.

"We are proud of our partnership with Pilio, which comes from University of Oxford's Environmental Change Institute, an internationally recognized excellence in impact measurement. This partnership encapsulates a shared desire to build a better future for our planet. Together with Pilio we can offer a unique 360-degree service thus guiding companies toward integrated sustainability." - Pietro Pasolini, founder and CEO of Green Future Project.

Left: the Green Future Project project impact dashboard. Right: the Yanacocha Reserve in Equador where Green Future Project clients can invest in native species preservation, greenhouse gas absorption,

and local job creation.

Environmental projects with a focus on biodiversity

To facilitate the reduction of the carbon footprint, Green Future Project also offers a portfolio of projects that can generate a positive impact on the environment, focusing on the regeneration and conservation of nature reserves with a special focus on areas of high biodiversity, the development of renewable energy facilities, and the restoration of marine habitats. Companies can fund these projects in support of internally developed strategies and, through the same platform, monitor supported initiatives in real time using satellite technology from Orbify, ESA and NASA.

LDP, the first reality to test the new approach to energy monitoring

One of the first realities to benefit from this new solution in the area of energy monitoring is the company LDP active in the area of Tax & Law Consulting.

Through the Green Future Project solution, LDP carried out a comprehensive study of its carbon footprint and energy consumption. GHG emissions were measured according to the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) protocol, divided into direct emissions (scope 1) and indirect energy-related emissions (scope 2).

The results obtained show an improvement in LDP's environmental performance, which in January 2023 recorded an 18% reduction in CO2 emissions from the previous year. Indeed, the centralization of all utility data on a single platform has enabled LDP to identify energy efficiency opportunities by tracking historical usage data and constantly monitoring the impact of their CO2 emissions.

Left to right: Briano Martinoni (CCO & Co-Founder, Green Future Project); Catherine Bottrill (CEO & Co-Founder, Pilio); Zain Tarawneh (CGO & Co-Founder, Green Future Project); Russell Layberry (CSO & Co-Founder, Pilio); Pietro Pasolini (CEO & Founder, Green Future Future Project).

A concrete answer for developing an ESG strategy

In addition to the energy monitoring service, the integration of Pilio and Green Future Project also provides a concrete answer for developing an ESG strategy through the Carbon Footprint tool. This helps calculate a company's carbon footprint and identifies ESG goals for the best net zero path.

Demonstrating the effectiveness of this new agreement are a number of other projects already underway, including: the Soho House Group, the renowned international members club and E-Gap, the first operator in Europe to offer an on-demand charging service for electric vehicles; and the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC), the international body for baseball/softball that involves 193 national federations from 137 countries and attracts some 150 million fans to stadiums around the world each year.

The latter, a signatory to the "Sports for Climate Action" protocol promoted by the UNFCCC, is committed to environmental sustainability and has commissioned Pilio and Green Future Project to undertake two initiatives: a carbon footprint calculation for the period 2022, and offsetting part of the carbon footprint of WBSC staff and executives through investments in regeneration projects, forest protection and renewable energy production. With the help of Green Future Project andilio, since January 2023, WBSC has offset a total of 214.77t of CO2, planted 3,250 trees, protected 2,925m2 of forest and produced 258,375 kw/h of renewable energy.

Down to Earth

Also born as part of the partnership is the "Down to Earth" track, a series of meeting workshops co-led by Catherine Bottrill, CEO of Pilio, and Zain Tarawneh, Co-founder of Green Future Project, created with the support of the Abu Dhabi accelerator, Hub 71, to prepare MENA businesses, startups and investors for COP28, which will be held in the UAE this year. The program includes a track of online seminars aimed at providing accessible and practical examples on how to integrate the ESG framework into one's business strategy.

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