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Pilio Energy

Pilio Energy

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Enterprise Energy Software

Utilise our energy expertise combined with comprehensive global emissions and weather data for your worldwide operations. Allow our account managers to handle your data streams, ensuring connectivity and validation, while you focus on setting targets and monitoring progress. This streamlined approach enables you to save money, minimise environmental impacts, and report achievements across your company's building portfolio.

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  • Energy

  • Energy-related carbon

  • Transport

  • Water

  • Cost

Smart data collection

Whether you have 500, 5,000, or more, meters and data points, our software will bring these into one place, making light of the analysis and reporting.

Intelligent insights

Get answers to your questions with our reporting, around energy use, spending, efficiency and emissions. Use automated reporting and dashboards. 

Track and manage

Track and manage energy, costs, emissions, water, and transport data together. Set targets, invite others and monitor and measure your estate's environmental impact and progress.



  • Energy consumption

  • Energy-related carbon

  • Heating performance

  • Overnight usage

  • Energy/carbon targets

Reporting obligations

Pilio's automated reports align your energy usage, emissions and footprint data together to contribute towards voluntary reporting and regulatory compliance. Check out more following with an indication as to how much Pilio software will contribute towards each standard /submission.

Pilio Energy can support:

Energy Assessment, Scope 1 & 2

GHG Protocol, ISO5001, ISO140064-1

Global locations? 

Different geographies? No problem, we have weather data from all around the world, plus we have 1000s of emissions factors from around the globe. Leaves you able to compare on an even playing field.  

Energy Assessment

Energy monitoring and management fulfil the requirements necessary for conducting an energy audit of each building in your estate. Pilio Energy software will also help you benchmark each building for performance across the estate portfolio.

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  • Energy targets

  • Carbon targets

  • Cost

  • Monthly impact

  • Project/group

Set your targets 

Set targets include targets and budgets for energy, transport, water and carbon, plus business-level carbon targets.

Pinpoint focus

Use Pilio Energy software to monitor projects, and interventions plus make your case for further action. Evaluate actions taken.

Sustainability Strategy

Inform your sustainability strategy using the reports. Add additional services for validation, evaluation and training if required. 

Carbon budgets & targets

Set budgets by building or by portfolio for energy and carbon use. Track your progress against your targets.

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Pilio Energy

Pilio Energy

Energy Tracking


Track progress on Scope 1 and 2 energy related emissions over time.

Energy Comparison


Compare building energy use across your business with league tables.

Energy Reports


Snapshot, monthly, annual, estate and building reports in your inbox.

Energy Collaboration

Invite members

Customise accounts for unlimited users, from full access to guest permissions.

Energy Targets


Set and monitor building energy reduction targets against your baseline.

Energy Data


Data exports, automatic datafeed, meter reading app keeps it easy.

Energy Collaboration

Account Set-up

Our account administration team will set up your account using system protocols, ensuring the estate has the necessary building profiles, data points and their respective connections.

Energy Collaboration

Account Administration

Whether you have hundreds or even thousands of data points, we will acquire your data, from across all sources and streamline it into your account, saving your valuable time.

Energy Collaboration

Data Validation

As we gather your data, we will validate it. Any errors will be flagged and sent back to suppliers directly for further verification, ensuring the integrity and accuracy of your data.

Energy Collaboration

Global Data

We will ensure your building has the relevant global data married with it, to ensure accurate benchmarking.

Energy Collaboration

Account Support

Our account support team will be able to guide you through your account, point you towards specific reports.

Energy Collaboration

Account Management

The account management team can assist you with interpreting your results. They will refer you to the consultancy team if required.

Pilio Energy Software

Contact Pilio today to begin monitoring and measuring with  

Pilio Energy

Pilio Energy

Let us demonstrate how you can cut energy use and save money on your energy bills with Pilio Energy software. 

Add interpretation, validation and support services
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On-site visit

Our energy assessor will visit your premises, and report, inspect and advise.

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Our consultant will create a report after reviewing your energy data.

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Our consultant can validate data, create a presentation, and provide tailored recommendations.

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Our energy assessor will check processes, looks at documentation, provide required confirmation etc.

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Reporting & Evaluation

Our consultant will create board reports and independently review data providing evaluation. 

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Training & Support

You and your team can benefit from training and support throughout your net-zero journey.

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