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Capital Investment Strategy

What is a Capital Investment Strategy? 

A report which presents a roadmap to capital investment, including your building energy and
carbon needs and
costs associated with capital projects. These projects could include the
switch from gas boilers to heat pumps, improvements to building fabric to enable more efficient heating and cooling, or the installation of onsite PV solar panels.

The benefits of a capital investment strategy include:


  • Understanding of the costs associated with different capital investment options to suit your building or company needs

  • Data-informed decision-making will enable you to make the case for investment in your board

What is involved in a capital investment strategy?

  • We will assess your building energy and carbon needs and impact to determine the scale of the capital investment needed

  • We will work with you to determine which capital investment option is best for your building needs and sustainability targets

  • We will obtain quotes and independently assess options for capital projects

What will you get from working with Pilio? 

  • A report and presentation with key findings, quotes, and suggestions for capital investment decisions

  • A clear case for capital investment so share with the board for sign-off

Pilio has created a capital investment strategy for Roundhouse.

Are you keen to address your building’s energy and carbon impacts through capital investment that enables energy efficiency or decarbonisation? A capital investment strategy can inform and back your decision-making.

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