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Sustainabiliy strategy

Carbon Reduction Strategy

Does your company have a net zero target or ambitions to lower environmental impact, but you are unsure of where to focus efforts? A carbon reduction strategy will provide you with a
roadmap to decarbonisation and achieving your environmental targets.

What is a carbon reduction strategy?

A report which presents your company’s carbon footprint, including Scope 3, and recommended
next steps and options for carbon reduction so you can make the most informed decisions for
your business.

The benefits of a carbon reduction strategy include:


  • An understanding of your company’s carbon footprint including Scope 3

  • An understanding of the different trajectories for your company to reach net zero so you can make decisions backed by science

  • Demonstrated transparency and accountability by setting reduction targets and working towards your net zero goals

What is involved in a carbon reduction strategy?

  •  An audit of your carbon footprint including Scopes 1, 2, and 3

  •  A site visit to understand opportunities for decarbonisation for your company

What will you get from working with Pilio?

  • A report and presentation with key findings on your company's carbon footprint

  • Decarbonisation trajectories based on different interventions for your company to make an informed choice on your carbon reduction strategy

  • Access to Pilio’s energy and carbon software tools for ongoing measurement in order to track progress made on carbon reduction goals

Pilio has created a carbon reduction strategy for Devonshire Estate.

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