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Sustainabiliy strategy

Sustainability policy & action plan

Are you unsure where to focus your efforts to address your organisation's environmental impact and do your part to combat climate change? Pilio can guide your company to create a sustainability policy and action plan that is aligned to your values and purpose. 

What is a sustainability policy and action plan?

Your sustainability policy is a written statement setting our your organisation's aims and principles in relation to managing its environmental impacts. The policy affirms compliance to statutory environmental requirements and increasingly businesses are stating efforts to go beyond compliance. A policy is signed by the board and/or senior management. It is reviewed and updated typically on an annual or bi-annual basis for continuous improvement. A policy speaks both to internal and external stakeholders. 

Alongside the policy sits the action plan which is the cross-departmental activities to implement and achieve the aims of the policy. 

The benefits of a sustainability policy and action plan include:

  • Setting a clear framework for your organisation to address and improve environmental performance.

  • Tracking progress for achieving aims and objectives.

  • Communicating to stakeholders about your organisation's ambition and the role different stakeholders can play in supporting the ambition.

  • Demonstrating sustainability leadership. 

What is involved in the creation of a policy and action plan?

  • Our strategy specialists will work in consultation with you to understand, identify, and map your organisation's values and work to set sustainability goals which in alignment. 

  • We identify your organisation's direct and indirect environmental impacts which need to be reflected in the policy.

  • We work with you to build an environmental action plan which sets out the tasks, KPIs, timeframe, responsibilities for delivery, and outcomes. 

What will you get from working with Pilio?

  • A sustainability policy statement. 

  • A sustainability action plan. 

Pilio has supported over a hundred organisations in the creation of their sustainability policies and action plans, including the English National Opera, Hampshire Cultural Trust, the Roundhouse, and YMCA St. Paul's Group. 

You can work with us on a policy and action plan as a standalone service or combined with your Pilio Carbon and Nature tools, building audits, and climate literacy training. 

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