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Biodiversity gap analysis

You may have carried out ecological assessment and surveys on the state of nature on your land. However, the methodologies, storage of data, frequency of collection, and variety of consultants and funders can result in a fragmented approach with no coherent nature strategy aligned to the goal's of the farm and the farming system. An ecological gap analysis will enable a more rationalised approach to monitoring and evaluation of the state of nature on farmland.

What is a farmland ecological gap analysis?

An ecological gap analysis is an evaluation of what is known and what is unknown about the state of nature on your site based on any past data collected. Based on this assessment, recommendations are made for what surveys should be conducted moving forward and how often they should be facilitated based on your priorities. This will provide a roadmap for the long-term management, monitoring, and evaluation of the state of nature on your land.


The benefits of a farmland ecological gap analysis include:

  • Understanding what is currently known about your land

  • Identifying gaps in the understanding

  • Clarity on how you can assess and monitor nature on your land going forward

What is involved in a farmland ecological gap analysis?

Collection and summary of past surveys which will lead to recommendations for work in the future. This is streamlined to make the work as efficient and cost effective as possible whilst ensuring a detailed ecological understanding of your site is achieved. 

What will you get from working with Pilio?

  • A report and presentation with key findings and tailored next steps, considering your unique needs and the site specifics 

  • Expert understanding of industry accepted methodologies for nature monitoring, ensuring confidence in recommendations

Pilio has been preparing ecological gap analyses for Blenheim and Waddesdon estates to assist them in designing an ongoing monitoring and evaluation framework to create space for nature on their lands.

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