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Farm carbon audit

Does your farm want to do its part for climate action? Do you want to reduce emissions or become a carbon neutral farmer? Are your customers and/or suppliers interested to know your environmental practices? Do you want to sell carbon credits from regenerative farming? The first step is a farm carbon audit. 

What is a farm carbon audit?

A report which identifies your farm's carbon emission footprint across your operations, including land use change, woodland, and soil sequestration. 

The benefits of a farm carbon footprint include:

  • Understand your climate impact

  • Identify the opportunities for the greatest reduction

  • Find potential for carbon negative farming and unlocking carbon credits

What is involved in a carbon audit? 

We will identify your emissions boundaries for what is in your control and within your sphere of influence. 

We will measure your emissions by Scope: 

  • Scope 1: Direct energy emissions

  • Scope 2: Indirect energy emissions

  • Scope 3: Indirect non-energy emissions (i.e. goods and services)

We will calculate any emissions associated with land use change and processes (e.g. enteric emissions from cows and methane and NOX emissions from waste storage and application including crop residues).

In addition, we will calculate the carbon sequestration in vegetation above ground (e.g. trees and hedgerows) and below ground (e.g. soils). 

What will you get from working with Pilio?

  • A report and presentation on findings and calculation worksheets.

  • Recommendations for reducing carbon emissions and developing a net zero carbon roadmap.

  • Recommendations for carbon farming and selling carbon credits.

  • A license to Pilio's nature tool for assessing carbon and nature on working lands.

Pilio's team has done numerous projects for clients wanting to understand the carbon and nature impacts of their land use, including Blenheim Estate and Waddesdon Estate, Dale's Organic Farm, Godminster Farm and Wild Farmed. 


In addition, Pilio was the independent assessor for the Farm Carbon Toolkit and is leading a DEFRA Test & Trial Landscape Recovery Scheme project in partnership with Pasture for Life and River Thame Conservation Trust.

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Work with us

Ready to begin your sustainability journey with Pilio? Learn more about our net zero and nature tools and packages.

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