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Land ecological assessment

With the declaration of the climate emergency, there is a pressure on landowners and farmers to understand and work to improve the state of nature on their land. However, there are a lot of ways to measure nature. Your farm is unique with its own habitats, land management techniques, and priorities. A farm ecological assessment gives you insights for how to replenish nature on your land.

What is a farm ecological assessment? 

A farm ecological assessment will provide you with an understanding of the state of nature and the ecological context of your land, and crucially what you can do to protect and enhance it. 

The benefits of a farm ecological assessment include:

  • Baseline your site for future comparison

  • Identify priority species for protection 

  • Highlight potential changes in management practices which would benefit nature on your land

What is involved in a farm ecological assessment?

The assessment is tailored to your needs and can involve habitat and species surveys and soil assessments. All of which provide comprehensive understanding of the ecological health of your farm. Industry accepted methodologies are used to ensure work is at a level that can be compared with other sites. 

What will you get from working with Pilio? 

  • A consultation to understand your priorities as the landowner or tenant 

  • Tailored assessment based on your priorities

  • A range of reports and presentations with key findings

  • Suggested next steps for long term monitoring and evaluation 

Pilio is providing farm ecological assessments for the Blenheim and Waddesdon estates, both are committed to regenerative agricultural practices. Plus for farmers wanting to evidence how their farming system is benefiting nature on their land such as Rose Dale's Organic Farm. 

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Work with us

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